Štěpán Rusín: A Doctor Among Beauty and Puppets

Štepán Rusín was born in Brno in 1969. He holds a degree in medicine from Masaryk University and works for the Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute. He has written the lyrics to a number of songs (e.g. for Iva Bittová or Pavel Fajt), held smaller roles in various plays (e.g. by the Ochotnický kroužek theatre group, HaDivadlo etc.), and is the founder and member of the KRÁSA Men’s Singing Society of Extreme Folklore and the Puppet Theatre of Czechoslovakia group. He is also the founder and populariser of several other societies, such as the hiking group Blatouch, the Friends of the Transgressive Society, Jahoda’s Witnesses, Kundera Tuesdays and many others.